All voices praising Jesus together in Uruguay (MWC)

From the Mennonite World Conference

Christmas around the world 

Christmas consists of many family gatherings to hear the Christmas story and get reminded of the message of hope and peace that Jesus came to the world to make known.  

In most cases, we spend some time in the pool, drink maté (tea) together and have a simple potluck dinner. But the one thing you can’t miss at our Christmas parties is the moment after dinner when a ringing bell calls everyone into a special room (one of my cousins uses a cow bell). Once everyone is seated and the light dimmed, one of us reads the Bible story and shares something that was most meaningful to him/her about it. Then others chime in telling their own learnings, creating a very special atmosphere of thanksgiving and encouragement in our faith.  

And then my favorite moment: someone goes to the piano and we sing beautiful Christmas songs all together. Some sing better, others less well, but hearing all our voices praising Jesus together moves me. Since I was a child, these moments have always been very precious to me.  

To finish the night off, we have dessert and a few gifts are handed out.  

I really love the simplicity of our Christmas parties where we meet to enjoy each other’s company and remember the one that keeps us united. 

Valentina Kunze, Uruguay 

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