Power of Hope

As the world seems to grow darker and more polarized, finding hope is more imperative than ever. That’s why LMC Legacy Foundation’s life-changing mission is to promote hope, healing, and wholeness through integrative behavioral healthcare resources that nurture mental health, resilience, and innovation.

As essential beacons of light and hope in the community, churches are in special positions of influence. Although we offer grants to mental health organizations, we are delighted to help any 501(c)3 nonprofit, including a church, with programs that have unique mental health missions and meet our grant specifications: programs that are innovative, faith-based, sustainable, and measurable.

When even a small light is kindled, it can grow, and its glow can illuminate entire communities. LMC Legacy Foundation is passionate about engaging with you to fuel that kind of spark in your church and your town as we explore more innovative and paradigm-shifting mental health care together.

On Thursday morning, April 20, 2023, LMC Legacy Foundation hosted “A Better Way Forward: Connecting Faith and Mental Health,” a generative exploration to shift paradigms for mental health treatment through innovative programming and faith-based approaches. Attendees at this FREE event held at HUB 450 in downtown Lancaster will participate in engaged listening, collaborative experiencing, and generative thinking to see what emerges as we, together, explore thinking outside of the box in meeting current mental health needs in our local communities. Exciting projects already funded by LMC Legacy Foundation will also be described. Special guests, including President Greg Henson from Kairos University, will also inspire participants toward new ways of thinking. 

This event, like LMC Legacy Foundation’s grants, is aimed at improving mental health care and, in so doing, improving and enhancing society as a whole. Our partnerships with those working to spread wholeness and healing benefit entire communities because once that small light catches, it only grows brighter and brighter. That’s the power of hope!

To learn more about LMC-Legacy Foundation visit: LMC-LegacyFoundation.org

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