Unity Builds a Future

Children’s Ministry

By Nely Elizabeth Lara

Dear brothers and sisters in the faith, may God pour out unto you his love, peace, and an ardent desire to serve Him as He has done with me. Within Concilio Iglesias Evangelicas Shalom (CIES) I work as a leader of the children’s ministry. 

I have been a children’s leader and a youth counselor for ten years. I have had the privilege of serving God since my childhood. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit at the age of nine and submerged in the waters of baptism at the age of eleven. 

Teaching the word of God to children and youth is sowing in good soil. God has provided me the opportunity to visit many CIES churches, working in unity with leaders, teachers and pastors to work with children and youth because that is where there is life and a great future. 

During my visits I share the word of God with the children and pray for them. Together with their pastors and leaders, we anoint them with oil, hug them, and show them God’s love. We bring gifts, games, crafts, and prepare delicious meals for the children. The rooms are beautifully decorated so that the children are in a happy environment where they feel good. 

I have seen young people and children be filled with the Holy Spirit and cry in the presence of God as they speak in new tongues. I have seen children grow up serving God and now they are youth who continue to love God.

Each visit to a congregation has been a wonderful experience because we are carrying out the call that God has given us. Working with children and youth is the battlefield most fought by the enemy. Let’s pray for the children’s leaders because their battles are strong. We never give up because the coming of Jesus is near and our work is not in vain – everything will have its reward. 

Let us continue to work united with love and a commitment to lead children to salvation and eternal life. Glory and honor be to God. A thousand blessings, my beloved.

Nely Elizabeth Lara is a children’s leader for CIES Children’s Ministry. She and her husband and four children attend Iglesia Evangélica Puerta de Sion in Trenton, New Jersey. To read more about their ministry, visit their Facebook page, Infantil Guerreros.

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