Finding Home in Motley Church

A Testimony of Connection, Acceptance, and Belonging

by Felicia Cheng

For years, I wandered in the wilderness of spiritual disconnect, longing for a sense of community that traditional churches failed to provide. It wasn’t until I discovered Motley Church, a “fresh expression” of faith, that I truly found my spiritual home. In this testimonial, I’ll delve into the profound differences, I have experienced, between traditional churches and Motley. Along with sharing my personal transformative feelings of returning to a spiritual community after a prolonged absence. 

The primary distinction that sets Motley apart from traditional churches, for me, is the emphasis on interpersonal relationships. At Motley, I don’t just attend services; I know everyone there. In a traditional church, the vast congregations often result in a sense of anonymity. On the other hand, Motley is a close-knit family where every face is familiar and every individual is invested in one another. It’s a community where acceptance isn’t just preached but actively practiced, allowing me to feel embraced for the person I am.

After nearly a decade of spiritual absence, joining Motley felt like a homecoming. The void left by years of disconnection was filled with a genuine and loving community—one that had eluded me in various traditional churches. Motley became the answer to my longing for connection, acceptance, and a true sense of belonging. The diverse array of people from different walks of life, all united under the Motley banner, became the catalyst for rekindling my relationship with God.

Motley Church, with its inclusive and welcoming nature, strengthened my bond with spirituality in ways I hadn’t experienced before. It’s not just a place of worship; it’s a space where everyone, regardless of their journey or background, is welcomed with open arms. I believe God guided me to this unique community that exemplifies His love by accepting anyone and everyone. Being part of Motley isn’t just about attending services—it’s about actively participating in a community we’ve collectively built every day of the week, not just on Tuesdays.

Welcoming newcomers with a smile and a meal is a cornerstone of Motley’s ethos. In my heart, there’s joy in feeding people, both physically and spiritually. Letting them know it’s okay to embark on a journey with God wherever they are in life. The shared meals at Motley are not just a ritual; they are a symbol of our collective commitment to nourishing each other’s souls.

I extend a heartfelt invitation to anyone seeking a “fresh expression” of faith to join us on a Tuesday evening at Motley, located at HUB 450. Come and enjoy a meal and great conversation. It’s an opportunity to experience the warmth, acceptance, and genuine connection that define Motley. And, with a touch of humor, I playfully add, “If you get more out of it than that (and not just me teasing Pastor Robert), you’re welcome at our table any time.” Motley is more than a church; it’s a family, and we eagerly welcome anyone seeking a spiritual home.

Felicia Cheng is a devoted single mom who passionately advocates for community building and spiritual learning. With a heart for fostering genuine relationships, Felicia found her home in Motley Church, where she thrives on welcoming everyone with a smile and a shared meal. Her journey reflects a deep commitment to creating a space where individuals from all walks of life feel accepted and embraced in their spiritual journey, including her own.

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