Iglesia Evangélica Camino al Cielo

Congregational Profile

District: CIES

Location: Alpha, New Jersey

Date of Founding: 2020

Average Sunday Worship Attendance:
901 East Blvd, Alpha, New Jersey 08865

Worship Service:
Sunday 3:00 pm

Average Sunday Worship Attendance

Estanislao Guerra, “Tanis” as everyone calls him, is the pastor of Iglesia Evangélica Camino Al Cielo in Alpha, New Jersey. Estanislao is a young man passionate about God and His word. He also works as CIES Director of Juventud Shalom (Youth Ministry).

Iglesia Evangélica Camino Al Cielo, Evangelical Church the Road to Heaven, is paving a new way to experience God’s Holy Spirit for many in the local community of Alpha, New Jersey. In the last three months, we are seeing the hand of God move in the growth of the church, since its founding in 2020. These are exciting times for our congregation as many new visitors are finding their way to Jesus.

We are known in our community as a united church of God, where everyone is welcomed like family. Visitors experience the road to heaven through our Sunday worship where they are filled with delight in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

As a congregation we are working hard to know the needs of our parishioners and our community; both spiritual and physical. We come together every month to give boxes of food to those most in need in our local community. As we visit their homes we bring the good news of Jesus.

I am encouraged to see how the members of our congregation are faithful to God’s calling as we continue to grow. To be stretched to share the over-pouring love of the Holy Spirit with our church visitors and beyond. This is the heart of who we are, as we expand to reach more people to share the love of Jesus through evangelization and local missions.

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