New Danville Mennonite Church

Congregational Profile

New Danville

103 Marticville Road, Lancaster, PA 17603

Date of founding:

Bishop Robert Brody,
Pastor of Worship and Discipleship
Mike Dickert

Average Sunday Worship Attendance:

Worship Service: 
Sundays 10:15 AM, Tuesdays 6:00 PM


Robert Brody
Lead Pastor and currently serves as a Bishop in LMC encouraging new expressions church.

New Danville Mennonite Church is known in our community as a people who have a heart to support the needs of others, which includes our local first responders. We recently licensed one of our members as Chaplain for First Responders. He works with our local fire departments and recently baptized his first firefighter. 

We are excited that our congregation is willing to try new ways of being church and reaching other people. Not everything we try works, but we go into it knowing that and continue to experiment with what it means to be a family of believers.

We are learning how to be more diverse in how we meet and interact together as we connect with people who have a hard time finding their place in a Sunday-centric church.

Robert Brody is the Lead Pastor at New Danville Mennonite Church and currently serves as a Bishop in LMC encouraging new expressions of church. At the age of sixty he continues to skateboard despite the advice of his doctor.

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